Most Excellent Lincoln K. Richards
Visit October 2010

Past Deputy GHP R.E. Robert Peete and GHP

R.E. Robert Peete, E. Gregory Stahl, Comp. Dale Prentiss, GHP
E. Stahl received his PHP jewel and Comp. Prentiss
received an award as the past Grand Master of the third veil

Companions received their diplomas for completion of all degrees in the Royal Arch Chapter

    I want to thank everyone for coming out to support LRAC in October. Thank you RE Eltzroth for once again helping in our vineyard. If you missed the Convocation, you missed a lot!!! We had a most excellent dinner prepared by Comp. Chef Jim Palmariello, received the ME GHP for a Fraternal Visit and brought in three new Past Masters. The ME GHP handed out diplomas and certificates of Appreciation. I want to thank the Companions for approving the donation of $1000 to the Grand Chapter MORI fund and also for my Past HP jewel. What a great night and lots of fun!! I was afraid we might lose our Charter after performing the LRAC’s PM ritual, but that is what the sidelines wanted done, so I did it. Lastly, a special thank you to ME Lincoln K. Richards for paying our Chapter a Fraternal Visit. LRAC was honored to have you in our Chapter.