Raymond T. Sewall Charity Fund
The income from this fund is annually donated to the Crotched Mountain Foundation, Greenfield, New Hampshire. There appears to be some misunderstanding that the income from this fund MUST be used exclusively for this purpose. Such is not the case. It may be used for any charitable purpose designated by the Grand Chapter. At present the funds have been used to support the Crotched Mountain Foundation and the Cotting School in Belmont, MA.

Grand Chapter DeMolay Fund
The Grand Chapter DeMolay Fund was instituted during the tenure of Most Excellent Emmett Billings Baker for the purpose of supporting Massachusetts DeMolay. The income from this fund is used to support the important programs of Massachusetts DeMolay. Chapters or Capitular Masons wishing to contribute funds to Grand Chapter, are strongly urged to consider this specific fund. There is no finer way to insure the continuance of our order than to promote the programs which are offered within the Order of DeMolay. The youth of today are the men and Masons of tomorrow.

Crotched Mountain School www.crotchedmountain.org
Crotched Mountain is a charitable organization employing more than 900 people, whose mission is to serve individuals with disabilities and their families, embracing personal choice and development, and building communities of mutual support. From early childhood care to case management for senior citizens, the commitment to people with disabilities is deeply held by many people - board members, staff, clients, families, donors, and volunteers.

Visit to Crotched Mountain May 2019

Cotting School www.cotting.org
Cotting School enables students with special needs to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence. We create an inclusive community which fosters academic achievement, skill development and social-emotional maturity. We meet the unique needs of students with a broad spectrum of learning and communication disabilities, physical challenges and complex medical conditions by providing an array of integrated services. Your gift to Cotting School enables us to offer that full range of services to meet the needs of the whole child.

William Foster Clark Memorial Fund
This fund is used to promote education of a Capitular nature and to continue programs of the Grand Chapter Exemplification Team. Contributions to this fund are appreciated.

The General Grand Chapter has adopted as a philanthropy, research in the area of Auditory Perception and has solicited contributions to the "Royal Arch Research Assistance Endowment Fund" (RARA).