Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts

Grand Chapter Forms & Documents



List of Benjamin Hurd Medal Recipients: BY NAME [.pdf]

List of Benjamin Hurd Medal Recipients: BY YEAR [.pdf]

Grand High Priest Award Program (PDF)

Capitular Rookie Award Program (PDF)

Grand Chapter Ritual Award (PDF)


Forms and Applications

Grand Chapter Constitution

Application for Affiliation (Fill Out Online Version)

Application for Membership (Fill Out Online Version)

Application for Reinstatement (Fill Out Online Version)

Demit from Chapter (Fill Out & Print)

Grand Representative Report (Fill Out-Print-Submit)

Proxy Form

Secretary - Monthly Report (Fill Out - Email)

Secretary - Visitation Report

DDGHP - Visitation Report

Secretary - Courtesy Work Requested (Fill Out - Email)

Secretary - Courtesy Work Completed (Fill Out - Email)

Degree Resources (Fill Out - Email)

Grand Chapter Life Membership Schedule (Fill Out-Print-Submit)

Chapter of Research Membership Application (Fill Out-Print-Submit)

Scholarship Grant APPLICATION 2024 (Fillable Form)

District Chapter of Instruction Report (Fill Out - Email)


Guidelines, Duties and Policies

Grand Chapter Merger Guidelines (PDF)

Duties of a Grand Representative

Grand Representative Report (Fill Out-Print-Submit)

How To Amend your Chapter By-laws (Fill Out-Print-Mail In)

Policy - Notices Sent Electronically


Capitular Awareness Material

The Rite Way - and Introduction to the Massachusettes York Rite


Education Material

Capitular Development Course


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