Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts

Living Past Grand Kings

Year Name Chapter
1968 Emmett B. Baker Samoset
1985 Harold L. Swindell Concord
1995 Richard L. Elliott Morning Star
1998 Bruce H. Stanford Adoniram
2002 Bruce K. Pratt Satucket-Pilgrim
2003 Mowry E. Tennant Phoenix
2004 William R. Epp, Jr. St. Mark’s
2005 George A. Sarafinas Newton
2006 David F. D’Amato Samoset
2007 Charles R. Austin Washington
2008 William F. Galloway, III Thomas
2009 Thomas J. Burke, Sr. Satucket-Pilgrim
2010 David A. Schofield Sylvester Baxter
2011 Andrew C. Maninos Tabernacle
2012 William E. Eltzroth Doric
2013 George L. Herbolsheimer, IV Concord
2014 Todd H. Howland Sutton-Ferson
2015 Robert L. Gardner Orient
2017 Eugene A. Haley Washington
2018 Mark W. Doane Mount Holyoke
2019 James D. Foss Tabernacle
2020 Rev. Michael S. Bickford Newton
2021 Marc C. Abbe Morning Star
2022 Robert A. Goewey, III Mount Holyoke

Last Updated: OCT 30, 2022

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