Grand Commandery Knights Templar Rhode Island & Massachusetts

From the Apartment of the Grand Prelate


Sir Knight & Rev. Matthew J. Wissell, Grand Standard Bearer, Associate Grand Prelate

We are at that time of year when our Commandery activities tend to slow down. Less meetings, less activities take place during the Summer. Many of us will have some time away in the few months. It is a time of rest and refreshment.

Sabbath, derived from the Hebrew word “Shabbat,” means “to cease” or “to rest.” It is a sacred and vital concept that dates back to biblical times. In the Book of Genesis, God rested on the seventh day after creating the universe, thereby establishing a pattern for humanity to follow. The Sabbath serves as a reminder of our need for physical and spiritual rejuvenation, as well as our trust in God’s provision.

In our modern society, the idea of setting aside a whole day for rest may seem impractical or even impossible. However, the essence of Sabbath time lies not only in a specific day but also in the intentional practice of setting aside regular periods for rest and reconnection. It is about creating space in our lives to detach from our daily worries and engage in activities that bring us joy, peace, and a sense of holiness.

Sabbath time offers us a chance to realign our priorities and find balance in our lives. It allows us to step away from the demands of our work and responsibilities, giving us room to breathe, reflect, and nurture our relationships. By embracing Sabbath time, we acknowledge that we are more than just our roles and tasks. We are beloved children of God, deserving of rest and restoration.

There are various ways to incorporate Sabbath time into our lives. It can be as simple as taking a leisurely walk in nature, reading a book that nourishes our souls, spending quality time with loved ones, engaging in a hobby, or participating in worship and prayer. The key is to intentionally set aside time for these activities, treating them as sacred moments dedicated to our spiritual well-being.

Let us remember that Sabbath time is not a luxury but a necessity for our well-being. It is a divine gift, a chance to recharge our spirits, and a means to deepen our connection with God and one another. May we find the courage to prioritize rest, and in doing so, may we discover a renewed sense of purpose and a greater capacity to serve.

Enjoy the Summer….

In His Service,

SK and Rev. Matthew J. Wissell
Grand Standard Bearer

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