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Grand Commanders Message

Greetings Sir Knights, With Thanksgiving Day behind us, we now enter into a season of Thanks.

With Christmas fast approaching, every Christian and Knight Templar is thankful for the gift that God bestowed upon us. With the Birth of his son, we were given the light of the world and a promise of immortality. I cannot think of anything that we should be more thankful for.

As we enter this joyous season, I have decided not to write a full article. Instead, this month I am going to include my Christmas Message. This message is normally for the Annual Christmas Observances held within Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I hope you read it, and it helps to remind you of the light that was given to us, and the light that is in each of you. Be kind to each other, give kindness to all and glorify Jesus in this Season of Christmas. May Jesus’ light guide you throughout the year.

Growing up, my love of Christmas and especially of Christmas lights was never questioned. My parents would always take us out to look at the Christmas lights that decorated so many homes back then. This meant so much to me that I carry on this tradition with my girls to this day. There was always something magical for me about Christmas lights and the feeling that they gave me. Sadly, there seem to be fewer and fewer homes with lights up to bring light to the darkness.

I would lay on the floor and stare at the Christmas lights on the tree for hours. I was so enthralled with the glow of these beautiful lights, that I even had a small Christmas tree in my room to fall asleep to. Christmas has always been so very special to my family and me as it is for, I am sure, all of you. Today, those lights still give me pause and wonder and fill me with hope.

As a child these lights carried different meanings than they do now. As a child they were just beautiful lights that blinked or twinkled and made the room illuminate in so many beautiful colors. They spurred on the imagination of any child. As I have gotten older however, they carry a more spiritual meaning. The lights remind me of that night over two thousand years ago. They remind me of the Star that led to the small child in a manger. The hope, light, and salvation that he brought to us in a dark time for the people of God.

Christmas is a time to be reminded that out of the darkness came a beacon of light. A light that illuminated all of mankind’s shortcomings and all his potential as well. In Jesus, God gave us the light that would purify every one of our lives, if we would just be willing to look upon that light with the same wonder and appreciation as a child looks upon Christmas lights.

During this holiday season, remember that Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” Christmas celebrates his birth, and the beginning of that light that he brought to us. Each time I sit and admire those Christmas lights they remind me of his light and the love it contains. The love that encircles us all.

In this world, try to emulate his light and become a bright point of light in this dark world. If each of you do this you will create a tapestry of lights, like that of Christmas Lights, that will glorify the light and love that Jesus has given to all of us.

Thank you to every Sir Knight, your families and friends who celebrate this Season of Light with us. All your lights shine brighter when we are together. May God bless and keep you all, and from my family to yours I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

James Ian Ogilvie Grand Commander

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