Grand Commandery Forms & Documents

Grand Commanders Award Program Constitution Revised and Consolidated with By-laws March 26. 2010 Changes to Grand Constitutions and regulations, and Amendments to be discussed at SemiAnnual Conclave Proposed Amendments to the Grand Constitution March 2023 Proposed Regulations 022223 Final Redlined_Grand Commandery Constitution 02232023 Final Grand Commandery Amendment Article VII Grand Commandery Amendment Uniform Black Garrison Cap Proposed amendment to garrison cap tabled amendment Regulations As adopted March 26, 2010 APPLICATION FOR PREPAID GRAND COMMANDERY DUES Petition for...

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Grand Commandery Representatives

Alabama Ronald E. Wolf Alaska Markeith E. Host Arizona Jeffrey Arnold Arkansas Mark W. Doane Austria James R. Weiss Brazil TBA California James P.C. Martignoni Connecticut TBA Colorado Hirum A. Jamiel, III Croatia TBA Delaware Mark W. Kay District of Columbia Stephen D. Whitmore Florida John C. Sutterley Georgia TBA Hawaii John W. Ruggles, II Idaho TBA Illinois Matthew J. Wissell Indiana William E. Eltzroth Iowa Eugene A. Capobianco Italy Luigi D. Firmani Kansas Andrew...

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Living Past Grand Warders

2004-2005 S.K. Robert Joseph Adams, Jr. (7) 2006-2007 S.K. Douglas Edward Connell (8) 2008-2009 S.K. Steven Mason Knott (2) 2009-2010 S.K. Brian Alfred Handy (19) 2010-2011 S.K. Lawrence Walter Walker, Sr. (14) 2011-2012 S.K. Laurence Alfred Craig (20) 2012-2013 S.K. George Anthony Sarafinas (7) 2013-2014 S.K. Eugene Willie Thibeault(13) 2014-2015 S.K. James David Foss (10) 2015-2016 S.K. Luigi Domenico Firmani (10) 2016-2017 S.K. Robert Carlton Hill (2) 2017-2018 S.K. Todd Oliver Galarneau (8) 2017-2018 S.K. Jon Edward Hollister...

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Grand Commandery Officers

Grand Commandery Officers 2022-2023 R:. E:. Grand Commander S.K. Eugene Blake Nichols (12) V:.E:. Deputy Grand Commander S.K. James Ian Ogilvie (13) Eminent Grand Generalissimo S.K. Stephen Daniel Whitmore (31) Eminent Grand Captain General S.K. Peter Alan Randall (12) Eminent Grand Senior Warden S.K. James Philip Charles Martignoni (7) Eminent Grand Junior Warden S.K. John Wilde Ruggles, II (31) Eminent Grand Prelate S.K. Glen Melvin Cunningham, REPGC (38) Associate Grand Prelate Rev. & S.K. Michael Scott Bickford (7) Associate...

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